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Let’s start with this – We’re a certified women-owned business committed to hearing and sharing the diverse voices of the clients and communities we serve. To women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, veterans and individuals with disabilities candidates: We’ve written this job description as our best guess at the skillsets that will lead to success. Our priority is to add the best candidate to our team. If you’re interested in working with Small Potatoes Communications, go ahead and apply, even if you don’t check off all the boxes. We believe in you!

What's going on?

So far, we’ve collected a big fry, president of snacks, vice president of true crime and vice president of human Siri services. We’re looking for our next vice president of something awesome to join us on an amazing communications adventure.

Our work makes communicators, investor relations officers and human resource practitioners look good.

We work hard for our clients, but at the end of the day – if it’s not fun, we’re not into it.

Hello? Is it me you're looking for? 

  • Our ideal candidate is passionate about exceeding our clients’ expectations every. single. time.

  • You own important client relationships that you nurture by helping our team deliver quality work to get the ring/rose/other romantic metaphor.

  • Your communications expertise and experience shines as you act as a true partner and an extension of the client’s team. You have a thorough understanding of the business, make strategic recommendations and find solutions where none existed before.

  • You head up at least one of our very talented client teams made up of graphic designers, content strategists, project managers, multimedia specialists and more to develop and execute strategic plans and agreed-upon deliverables.

  • You have a passion for integrating ESG/CSR into your client strategies.

  • You are our client expert. You know everything there is to know about our client and their industry – including where the bodies are buried. And by bodies, we mean fun facts and interesting figures, like keeping track of all processes that to pertain to the client’s projects and requests.

  • You have an excellent grasp of the global snack landscape and make strategic recommendations to improve Small Potatoes Communications' awareness of snack opportunities.

Have I told you lately (that I love you)?

  • You have at least seven years of experience managing marketing and communications client accounts or complex projects that have created meaningful results.

  • You’re excited to share your successes – no #humblebrags needed. Let’s hear how awesome you are!

  • You eat multiple projects for breakfast.

  • Your attention to detail and time-management skills are unparalleled in this universe, yet you still work to improve.

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, culture, heritage, advocacy – all these words make you hear Eye of The Tiger and send you into your training montage.

  • You’re amazing at bringing out the best in people and leading by example.

  • Key stakeholders? Check. News media? Check. Senior executives? Check. Business owners? Check. You’re not intimidated by any audience!

  • Your experience with earned, paid and owned channels leads to solid integrated communications plans and the best decision-making for our clients.

  • Bonus points if you have investor relations experience!

  • You’re as serious about your time off as you are your time on. No martyrs, please.

  • Our core values are transparency, optimism and limitlessness. If that speaks to you, LET’S DO THIS.

What's love got to do with it?

  • Salary range: $75,000-100,000

  • Fully remote role, plenty of Zoom and Teams meetings for you to enjoy

  • Flexibility to live your best life

  • More fringe than Nashville on a Friday night (this means benefits, yo)

  • Paid time off – go do stuff

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