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Q: Whositinthewhatnow?

A: Yes, it's true! On Dec. 6-10, the ENTIRE Small Potatoes Communications team, their +1s, and some special guests, are going to Barbados!

Q: Who is invited?

A: If you are on this site, probably you! And we want you to bring your partner or your BFF or whomever you want to spend five days in paradise with!

Q: What should I plan to pay for?

A: Please plan to pay for the following:

  • Your +1's airfare to and from the U.S.

  • Any days at the hotel before Dec. 6 or after Dec. 10.

  • Dinner on Dec. 8

  • Lunch and dinner on Dec. 9

  • Any excursions you plan on your own

  • Rental vehicle

  • Your +1's lunch on Dec. 7 and 8

Q: What will Small Potatoes pay for?

A: SPC will cover:

  • Your airfare to and from the U.S. (you will book, submit your expense via Avaza, and SPC will reimburse you)

  • Your hotel accommodations Dec. 6-10

  • Breakfast for you and your +1 Dec. 7-10

  • Dinner for you and your +1 Dec. 6-7

  • Lunch for you Dec. 7-8

  • Team excursion (TBD)


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