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Brand and Social Media Campaign: “I work because DOR works”


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October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, an annual nationwide recognition that highlights the skills, diversity, and talent that people with disabilities bring to the workforce. California’s Department of Rehabilitation was looking to develop a campaign that celebrates the contributions of America’s workers with disabilities all year ‘round. With the campaign concept “I work because DOR works” in place, we were then tasked with designing a logo and accompanying deliverables to visually communicate the campaign message.

Our Approach
We established three initial concepts. Each concept was consistent with the campaign message without compromising the integrity of DOR’s brand identity. We then revised the chosen concept and created several options to bring more clarity and focus to the wheelchair element of the design. Final touches were made to support the design as a whole, and a logo kit, including a primary logo, secondary logo, brandmark, and brand pattern was created. Lastly, we used the design elements from the logo kit to create social media templates for the client to utilize with their own photos and text during their daily campaign.

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