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Communicating an Executive Transition

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Scholar Rock, a Cambridge-based biotech company, contracted us to direct, film and edit a video introducing their new CEO and saying goodbye to the previous one.

Our Approach

Before booking our flights, we researched Scholar Rock–including diving deep into the work they do developing cutting-edge therapies for a variety of diseases. After we understood them and their audiences, we developed a strategy to direct the talking-head style video, where the previous CEO would hand the reins off to the new one. We flew our team out to their office and set up, working with our contact to create the most comfortable environment possible. Once ready, we captured the handoff of responsibility, using cues to get the most genuine content possible. Following filming, we edited the video together with b-roll. We collaborated closely with our contact to address feedback quickly, and the final video was ready to show companywide first thing Monday morning.

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