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When opportunity knocks, Small Potatoes Communications is here to answer. When executives at a Fortune 50 health insurance company needed a video for an upcoming virtual conference, they called upon our team for help. The purpose of the conference was to educate attendees on available data resources, as well as how to collaborate with the company's data governance business unit.


They needed a short, interesting video with a clear message. We also needed to collaborate with the client’s AV department to ensure the video would work with the virtual conference platform. 


After holding an initial meeting with the client to gain an understanding of their needs and wants, the Small Potatoes team came together to generate a variety of concepts that could be developed into engaging pitches.

Each idea included a brief plot synopsis, ideas for the graphics, and even possible sound effects and music. We pitched a gameshow, a Mars rover scenario, a superheroes concept and a secret agent theme. Each pitch has its own mood boards, which helped the client team envision each one. Once the pitch was complete, the client team was genuinely pleased with the quality of their options.

Ultimately, the client chose the gameshow theme, which worked best with their leadership’s presentation for the event.


To add even more visual interest, we incorporated animation with the gameshow's questions and answers. We paid careful attention to detail, staying mindful and true to the client’s diversity and inclusivity corporate standards. Even better, we delivered the project to the client team several days ahead of schedule, so there was plenty of time to test its compatibility with the conference platform.

key takeaway

This project helped us showcase our creative and production services, including initial concepts, mood boards, scripting, storyboards, final video editing and flawless sound editing. We ensured everyone in the corporate work group was in sync with the concept, enabling us to keep the project on track and deliver it ahead of schedule.


The client was so pleased with the final product, Small Potatoes Communications was invited to assist with additional video and animation projects. The client has also been able to use the video after the conference, extending its usefulness and value.

ready to transform your communications?

The team at Small Potatoes has been privileged to transform communications, impact culture and show the very best of our clients to their hundreds of thousands of employees all across the world.

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