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Open Enrollment and Employee Benefits Communications for Valued Team Members

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Every year, Papa Johns has an open enrollment cycle for its ~16,000 employees across corporate offices, restaurants and the field. It is critical that Papa Johns’ employees understand the benefits available so they can make informed decisions for themselves and their families. Papa Johns was looking for a partner to help complete the cycle with detailed, yet clear, communications.

Creating effective open enrollment and benefits communications for Papa John's team members is crucial to ensure that they understand and make informed decisions about their benefits. Small Potatoes Communications helps Papa Johns reach all their hardworking team members across corporate offices, restaurants and field employees.

Our Approach

For Papa Johns, a successful open enrollment and benefits communications strategy is pivotal in ensuring their team members have access to valuable benefits that enhance their health and well-being.


We understand the importance of clear, informative, and engaging communications during this time. Our focus is on providing our team members with comprehensive information about their benefit options, changes, and the enrollment process. By tailoring our communication to be accessible and user-friendly, we aim to empower our employees to make informed decisions about their healthcare, retirement, and other wellness benefits. After taking a multi-channel approach covering email, company intranet, printed materials, and information sessions, we regularly evaluate the effectiveness of our communications and make improvements based on feedback and data.

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