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Are You Ready? Looking Forward to 2022

The ball has dropped, the holidays are coming to a close and we are gearing up for a new year of limitless goals!

So, what feels limitless for 2022? For Small Potatoes Communications, we’re looking forward to expanding our corporate storytelling initiative, growing our internal communications teams and cultivating a more transparent industry. We want to keep our ability to see the big picture, while also handling the small details that are critical for success.

Our team members also have their own individual goals, like finishing projects they’ve been working hard on or starting new ones they’ve yet to try.

Maybe some of those goals will inspire you, too:

“I want to continue to add new skillsets to my instructional design toolbox while creating awesome learning and training experiences for clients.”


“Continue to help SPC grow by providing strategic support to Papa Johns and helping identify potential opportunities. I'm looking forward to helping Papa Johns continually improve how they communicate to their team members so they get the results they want.”


“To continue growing my writing and creative director skills!”


“My SPC goal for this year is to work with Michelle and the team on implementing more streamlined processes and structure so we can grow and take on more projects.”


“I’m looking forward to bringing our passion and expertise to more clients. Supporting investor relations and corporate communications professionals is incredibly rewarding, so the more, the merrier!”


“I want Small Potatoes Communications to be the place where our team feels empowered to fully express their innate talents through their work. In 2022, we will continue to attract clients who appreciate our commitment to transforming the way the world communicates.”


For me, the overarching theme for 2022 is spreading the word about Small Potatoes Communications, showcasing all the work we’re doing for our clients and encouraging companies to take the next step in communications growth!

With 2021 in the rearview, we’ve got our eyes on the road ahead of us. 2022 may be just 12 months, but we have countless goals and projects to keep us motivated. As the year moves along, we hope you get closer to your goals every day. Let’s do this!

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