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Creative Ways to Show You Value Your Employees

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect organizations around the world, remote work is still most employees’ daily reality. To leaders, this looks like evermore creative adjustments to regular operations, including employee appreciation initiatives.

As workers reflect on the anniversary of COVID and all the changes it brought to their lives, it is more important than ever to show them how much they are valued. Remote employees are feeling more stressed and isolated than ever as they struggle to maintain even a shred of work-life balance. To demonstrate your gratitude for their contributions, we suggest incorporating any or all of the following creative employee appreciation ideas. These options have been carefully selected, based on their potential to powerfully build goodwill and motivate your staff.

Provide Online Learning Opportunities

One of the best antidotes for feelings of alienation and uncertainty is professional development alongside your peers. This may be the best time to reward your hardworking employees with opportunities to grow in their careers.

Give Employees’ Pets a Treat

Imagine what a pleasant surprise it would be for your pet-owning employees to receive a gift for their beloved furry friend. You can send a package of toys and treats, put together with their specific pets in mind.

Make Everyone Comfortable

Since working from home may continue longer than expected, employees may need new equipment that helps them continue to work without compromising their health and well-being. It’s a good idea to check in with team members on their evolving equipment needs and supply what you can.

Focus On Wellness

Happy, healthy employees are productive employees who are at their best in every sphere of their lives. If your virtual wellness program has gotten stale, consider a fresh offering to rejuvenate your staff.

Order Catered Lunches

“Lunch is on me.” This is music to anyone's ears. Having lunch delivered to your team members is sure to go over well!

Send a Personalized Thank You Note

Take the time to handwrite a note to thank employees for anything they’ve done to help you or the organization. Receiving something handwritten in the mail makes everyone feel incredibly special.

Have a Spontaneous Employee Appreciation Day

Celebrate your employees whenever you feel inspired to do so. It’s more meaningful that way.


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