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Goodbye Q1. Hello Q2!

If you can believe it, the first three months of 2022 are behind us. Whether your Q1 was full of the good, the bad or the ugly – or maybe a combination of all three – we invite you to take a moment to reflect and then look forward to the future.

From events to investor communications to trainings to CEO communications, the Small Potatoes Communications team flexed its creative and strategic muscles. Here are some of the projects our team members remember fondly:

“My favorite recent project has been communications surrounding the expansion of our client’s parental leave policy! We created an infographic that featured inclusive examples and highlighted different types of families that reflect our modern world. It feels great to actively help clients be more inclusive with their communications!”

– Abby

“The recent videos we’ve produced for our clients have given us a chance to explore and develop media assets that contribute to their communication goals while also remaining loyal to their new brand guidelines.”

– Marcos

“My favorite project was the corporate town hall; it’s a huge opportunity for our clients to connect with their team members across the country, and I love the teamwork between Small Potatoes and the client that made it happen!”

– Joy

Here are some of the projects our team is looking forward to in Q2:

“Q2 is going to have some creative challenges in store with technical clients who need to bring excitement and clarity to the rollout of their big corporate data initiative. It’s a complex system with a lot of moving parts and new job role expectations that will need to be communicated and acted on. We will be looking to simplify the explanation of those processes while engaging their workforce in a topic that can be dry and intimidating!”

– Kelly

“The project I’m most excited about is raising awareness for Autism Acceptance Month. It’s so important to create an inclusive culture where everyone belongs, and I’m really looking forward to the creative freedom that our client has given us on this project. It’s important to talk about neurodiversity and learn from each other – our differences are what make us all so unique!”

– Nicole

“Our clients have big goals for 2022 and they're changing the ways they communicate with their team members. We've been challenged to come up with new and creative solutions to tell these stories through traditional and multimedia challenges. I'm excited to work with the Small Potatoes team in Q2 to show how our team isn't afraid to step outside of the (french fry) box and deliver the unexpected.”

– Lynn

“I’m so excited to attend the National Investor Relations Institute annual conference in Boston. We’ll get to meet several of our IR clients in person as well as share our corporate storytelling capabilities with the brilliant IR community.”

– Michelle

“I’m looking forward to attending Mad*Pow’s HXD conference IN PERSON! This conference always delivers important, thought-provoking sessions with lots of opportunities to interact and even ideate on critical issues in the health care space!”

– Beth

Goodbye, Q1 and thank you for the memories, growth and opportunities you gave us. Hello, Q2…let’s do this!


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