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Let's Share the Love

Here at Small Potatoes Communications, we’re all about sharing the love all year ‘round. This past Valentine’s Day, we dedicated part of our all-team meeting to acknowledging the love our team members put into their work!

Let’s take a look at some projects that had us making heart eyes:

“I really loved seeing the PizzaPRO content come together. Kelly knocked out an amazing Career Path map, and the 360-degree simulation Ashley built still blows my mind.”

– Katrina

“I enjoyed doing the COVID-19 communications for Papa Johns. It was fun to play with their new brand look and feel.”

– Kelly

“I’ve loved onboarding a new investor relations client. Not only are they fun to work with, we were also able to move quickly to transform their slides and graphics to bring their story to life for investors.”

– Michelle

Because we’re an optimistic and limitless team, we love to look forward, too! Our team shared some of the projects they would love to work on in the coming year:

“A pitch deck for a woman-owned business that needs venture capital funding!”

– Beth

“It would be great to work on an investor relations project that requires substantial strategy and corporate story development.”

– Stilla

“I’d love to work on something that puts the Small Potatoes name out there. A project that takes me beyond my limits so I can grow and develop.”

– Marcos

We look forward to sharing our love with our clients (both current and future!) throughout 2022. #KeepingUpWithThePotatoes


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