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Online Training Made Simple

No one wants to have a situation where a lack of knowledge or skills will jeopardize the business’ ability to grow. Online training courses are powerful tools in any onboarding, employee retention, or retraining process, ultimately making them essential for any company that wants a competitive edge.

Real-World Benefits of Online Training

  • Practically everyone prefers to learn at their own pace at times that are convenient for them, from anywhere they please.

  • Online training is generally less expensive than in-person alternatives.

  • Research has shown that employee training reduces turnover and increases productivity.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

The thought of developing an online training program from scratch may seem daunting at first, but the Small Potatoes Communications team is here to help. We’ll get to know your business and learn about your needs and ideas. We’ll also look at the organization's short- and long-term goals and create a strategy to help all employees play a vital role in meeting objectives.

The next step requires us to work closely together to identify and prioritize specific training needs that will support the goals. This process is critical to the effectiveness of the training and drives decisions about the content that needs to be produced.

Want to Avoid Overwhelm?

We are experts in breaking down the information that needs to be conveyed into bite-sized chunks that are easy for your audience to digest. We simplify every concept so it is clear and precise and straightforward enough for almost anyone to absorb it. Employees walk away with an in-depth understanding of the subject matter, which is retained with ease.

How Can You Bring Your World to Life?

We take training to the next level. People learn in different ways and our range of multimedia formats, from video to interactive interfaces, provides multiple ways to achieve engagement. Far from boring, the content we create is always designed to wow employees and get them excited about what they are exploring. The result is that they are motivated to apply what they learn and play their part in moving the company forward. With buy-in across teams, your entire workforce will be inspired to continue building on the momentum started by the online program long after the training period is over.

Worried Employees Won’t Remember What They Learned?

How you provide the information you want to share makes all the difference. We ensure online training doesn’t become a distant memory. First off, we go to great lengths to make the content engaging, realistic and meaningful. But that's not all. We repurpose the information and present it in different types of collateral, such as flyers. This is a surefire strategy for encouraging people to have essential chunks of the training material at their fingertips so they can refer to it whenever they want.


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