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Post-Father's Day Reflection: Balancing Personal and Professional Life

The time of year when we celebrate the father figures – grandfathers, uncles, single moms, foster fathers – in our lives can come with complex emotions. For parents, guardians, and other supportive figures, nurturing a young life can be rewarding, but it’s not always easy. For the adult children of absent parent figures, whether due to estrangement or passing, these celebrations can cause strain on mental health. In these instances, being present at work can be tricky to navigate when you want to intentionally show up every day “in-office” and at home as the best version of yourself. 

Maintaining a sense of connection in personal relationships and a healthy relationship with your career requires workplace flexibility. 

Here at Small Potatoes Communications, we know that family can impact how and how well someone can show up for work. So, our leadership team implemented values and policies to help the team achieve that work/life balance. SPC offers a four-day work week, work from home, flexible workday start and end times, family care leave policies, unlimited vacation, etc. to make working as easy on employees as possible.  

Having a flexible workplace:

  • Allows for better time management between professional and personal needs, leading to improved mental health and reduced stress (BetterUp;ChartHop)​. 

  • Enhances job satisfaction and reduces employee turnover ​(The Muse)​.

  • Increases productivity. Employees can work during their most productive hours and avoid the stress and time of commuting​ (BetterUp)​.

  • Attracts top talent. Companies that offer flexible work options are more attractive to potential employees, particularly those with family responsibilities, giving them a competitive edge in hiring top talent​ (The Muse)​.

Every year, early summer comes with holidays to acknowledge parent figures, and give leaders an opportunity to implement flexibility in the workplace. During this next trip around the sun, how will your team take strides to foster a more inclusive space, improve productivity, and strengthen loyalty in team members?


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