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What a Year! A Look Back at 2021

2021 has been quite the year for us over here at Small Potatoes Communications. We’ve welcomed new clients, worked on major corporate initiatives and grew our team! What better way to celebrate where we’ve been and where we’re going than a good ole year in review!

I asked our team to look back on the projects they’re most proud of from the past year. Here are some of those points of pride:

“The video podcast series we executed for Papa Johns’ IT department! I was able to take lead as producer on the series, and I developed great rapport with the executive sponsor. We were able to develop a process that took into account his incredibly busy schedule, creating a production strategy based on realistic and achievable goals. Best of all, the client loves the product and wants to renew the contract next year for more episodes!”


“There are so many to choose from! The most recent one that comes to mind is the Papa Johns culture message.”


“I think we did a pretty bang-up job with the infomercial for a Fortune 50 healthcare company, and I’m also proud of our corporate storytelling decks, personally.”


“Coming into a client’s Workday project at the last minute - I had to learn what it was all about quickly so I could help contribute to its success.”


“Working on a major healthcare company’s website audit and evaluation.”


“I’m most proud of building strong relationships and friendships with our clients. My background is in-house corporate communications, so I truly believe our most important value-add is our ability to truly understand our clients’ environments and support them right where they are. Whether it’s a fast-paced and dynamic environment or if it’s more low-key and relaxed, we bring empathy, understanding and genuine care. Along with our brilliant strategy, structure and process, of course!”


"Growing our team has been the most rewarding part of the year for me. Getting to work with people like Joy, Lynn, Ashley, Katrina and Sydney, as well as the rest of our existing team, has me waking up every morning, giddy to get to work!”


For me, the most challenging project this year has been one of our clients’ return to office events. Between the planning and vendor management, our team had to figure out how to design a safe event, all the while confronting external factors, like COVID-19 variants. Small Potatoes Communications has always been adaptable. Now we have much more practice.

Yes, it has been another hectic, unprecedented year. For us here at Small Potatoes Communications, it’s also been a year of growth, optimism and excitement. We look forward to 2022. Let’s be limitless!

Happy holidays, from all of us to all of you!


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