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When Nothing Is Fine: How to Keep Employees Engaged

Big Fry Beth Clauss recently joined Mad*Pow Founder and Chief Experience Officer Amy Heymans to discuss how they have helped clients engage their employees, strengthen their company culture and create a unified and informed employee community. The webinar covered how organizations can create an employee communications strategy that helps employees weather the unique circumstances of a long-term, ongoing crisis, while navigating the treacherous waters of promoting productivity and profits during a pandemic.

As the new normal continues to evolve, companies are being challenged daily to keep employees engaged and informed while supporting their business operations. Throughout the pandemic, employees have demonstrated their adaptability in the face of remote working, unanticipated childcare needs, furloughs, and isolation. Many employers are realizing that effective employee communication is the key.

It’s no secret that the pandemic has taken a toll on employees, even those in thriving companies. COVID has taught us that businesses must be flexible because plans have to change, but change isn’t easy.

We need to prepare for ongoing uncertainty, disruption and change so we can handle these circumstances in a transformational way. How employees perceive their employers now will impact how they perform in the future.

This webinar is for you if...

  • Your organization has had to reduce its headcount or compensation.

  • Your organization has had to change its business model radically.

  • Your organization has managed to ride the wave of change and business is booming right now.

Everyone will find the practical advice in this webinar is truly helpful.

We’re here to help

If your organization has no internal communication plan or you're still working off a crisis communication strategy that was designed for a short-term crisis, feel free to connect with us for a free consultation.


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