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New HQ? No Problem: Krispy Krunchy Chicken Window Cover Design


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Krispy Krunchy Chicken was opening a new corporate headquarters and needed five large window covers for the new building. The window covers needed to be eye-catching and portray the playful personality of the KKC brand. They asked for the focus of the design to highlight their food, while keeping a clear message that this was a headquarters building and not a restaurant location.

Our Approach
The final designs evolved from several rounds of collaboration. The SPC team began their process by developing a list of lighthearted and witty taglines to support the client’s lively personality and intended message for the headquarters. Corresponding design concepts were created using a combination of colorful illustrations and food photography. The team collaborated with KKC and the concepts evolved. The final designs utilize the graphic elements in the KKC logo to achieve the playful tone of the brand and establish a photography-based aesthetic.

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