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Improving Employee Engagement through Investor Relations: Part 3

It’s time for the third installment of our tips from Improving Employee Engagement through Investor Relations. We know this series is as anticipated as the next Stranger Things season, so we’ll dive right into our next two tips:

Tip 7 — Consider that investors and employees are the same

We want to encourage IROs to help drive employee engagement by treating employees the same as an institutional investor or analyst.

Here are some pitfalls to avoid:

  • Painting an inauthentic picture of your company. It’s crucial to be open and honest about your company’s performance, including celebrating wins and sharing losses with context. This transparency builds trust and can lead to a rise in employee engagement.

  • Excluding employees from the earnings conversations. At the very least, encourage employees to listen in on earnings calls.

  • Next pitfall to avoid? Forgetting the human factor. You’re human. Your shareholders are human. You can humanize the investment community for your employees, and you can humanize your company for the street.

  • Final pitfall to avoid: Skipping internal communications channels. Make sure your investor relations news is showing up on your company’s intranet, in town hall presentations and more!

Tip 8 — Educated and engaged employees are the best brand advocates

Employee advocacy is considered by some to be the highest level of employee engagement. If you’re not familiar with this term, an “employee advocate” promotes their employer by amplifying the company’s message and promotions, increasing brand awareness.

Focusing on employee communication and engagement as an IRO may seem strange, but hopefully these tips showed you why that focus is critical. Keep that in mind over the next week and – just like seeing red cars after buying one – you’ll see how employees resemble investors.

Check out our strategy sessions to see how Small Potatoes can be on your team and support you as you elevate your communications.

Until next week!


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