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Improving Employee Engagement through Investor Relations: Part 4

It’s time for the last installment of our tips from Improving Employee Engagement through Investor Relations. Don’t worry, these tips will keep coming back, and you can always access them here in our blogs! Without further ado, let’s take a look at our final tips:

Tip 9 — Consider IR is a key to investor AND employee retention (and recruitment)

HR knows that it is expensive to recruit and onboard new employees, and IROs know how costly it is to find new investors and keep them. So, when you use the tips we’ve discussed thus far to help increase employee and investor engagement and retention – everyone wins!

Let’s face it, we all get tunnel vision when it comes to work. It can be hard to keep the big picture in mind – the “why” behind what we do – when we get bogged down in the day-to-day grind. Your investor communications can be a key factor in keeping everyone’s “why” front and center. This could look like an employee reading your Yammer post about an analyst rating your stock as a “buy” and what that means, or a town hall slide showing the company’s earnings over the past three years and the most important factors for that performance.

Did you know that jobseekers are also paying attention to companies’ financial performance? Offer to work with the recruitment team to adapt your IR communications for the company’s careers website, adding links to earnings presentations and investor day content. Not only will you boost the odds of attracting top talent, you’ll cultivate potential investors, too!

Tip 10 — Lead by example

Remember all those hats you wear that we shared earlier? We forgot one – leader.

You’re a leader.

This might excite you or terrify you, but either way – you’re still a leader.

Whether you are a team of one or many, you can drive employee engagement by implementing the tips we’ve outlined today. Use your leadership to make bold choices that show employees they are valued. Give them a peek behind the curtain of investor relations. They deserve to be part of the conversation.

We’ve loved sharing our tips with you over the past few weeks. If you’d like to discuss them further or learn how you can incorporate them into your internal or investor communications plan, check out our strategy sessions.

See you again soon!


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